If you make jewelry for a business it would be a good idea to make jewelry for dancers. This type of jewelry will need to be very pretty but also easy to wear and shouldn’t move around too much while they are dancing. You should spend some time figuring out what would be best jewelry design to market to the dancers.

When you have your own business it would be a good idea to market to certain people to get more business. That way you can provide what they are looking for. You can get really good at it and grow your business from there.

Your first step is to talk to dancers that wear jewelry. Doing so will help you see exactly what they need and will be looking for. You can also look for examples online. You never want to copy someone else with your designs but looking at them to help you create can be a good idea.

After you have spent some time finding out what dancers would like you should spend time creating. Come up with a few sample pieces. Then find some of your dancer friends and let them try them out. They should tell you what they liked and don’t like about them. Then you can go back and make any changes that you would like to make so that they are sellable and people like them.

You can also give these same dancers sample to show off to their friends. This will get you some word of mouth advertising and will lead to more sales. You need to put yourself out there and get your work seen by people who would want to buy it.

After you have created a lot of pieces you should make sure to have a website to put them on and try to sell your jewelry in different places such as local fairs or even specialty shops. This will take time but the payoff will be worth it when things start to take off.

You should always be working to create new pieces so you can keep your jewelry fresh and ideal for the dancers. You want to continue to ask questions and find pieces that they will love and want to wear. Working with a few people on a regular basis would be a good idea and will help you in your business.

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