If you have an upcoming event, be it a corporate party or a wedding, entertainment is one thing that you need to consider. Event Entertainment can come in many forms, but one thing that is almost a must-have at any function is music as it can set the mood and keep your guests pumped up.

Image result for What To Look For When Hiring DJ ServicesIf you are planning a wedding, having a good sound system and a professional disc jockey playing at the function is advised. When it comes to this, getting DJ for hire services is what you need to do to enjoy professional music mixing. However, to ensure that everything works out for the best, it is important that you consider a couple of factors to ensure that you hire the right DJ.

Things to consider when looking to hire a professional DJ


When it comes to the selection of music and how it’s played, the DJ you hire will determine how things work out. Being a DJ is more than just having a microphone and two turntables. When looking for someone for a DJ, it is important that you go for someone who’s professional and who has some degree of experience. As such, take the time to see if the DJ you are considering has listed him/herself on the yellow pages; if he/she has a website; if he/she has ever deejayed in a professional or more formal setting, and for how long he/she has done this. The recommended minimum is three years.

Also, it is advisable that you take the time to know if the DJ is a person who follows orders. Let them know that you are the client and you are the one who is calling all the shots. However, be willing to accept advise and recommendations from your DJ since he/she is the more experienced person when it comes to entertaining people.

Recommendations and Referrals

A good and professional DJ should not have a problem providing you referrals and customer Image result for good and professional DJendorsements from former clients. Recommendations serve as a DJ’s resume. As such, if the entertainer you are considering cannot supply you with satisfactory customer endorsements, then consider approaching someone else.

Play-lists and Demos

While websites and interviews give you an idea of the type of DJ the entertainer you are considering is, it is still advisable that you consider asking the person to provide you with a sample or samples of their work. A professional disk jockey will have a large selection of demos, of his/her work at previous events, to offer. Demos will not only allow you to judge their music mixing skills but will also give you a good idea of their ability to interact with guests. At the same time, a good DJ should have, and should be able to provide you with, a comprehensive listing of songs and genres from which you can choose music for your event from.

One important aspect to consider when looking for a DJ is the DJ’s willingness to play music you tell them to, and if he/she can incorporate some of your own songs into his/her playlists.


One thing that you really need to consider when getting DJ for hire services is cost. It is important that you consider how much the DJ charges to play at events. Normally, DJs charge per hour. To find a DJ, who’s affordable, you are advised to consider approaching more than two DJs and comparing their service charge and experience. Doing this will make it easy for you to find someone who is not only worthy but who is also affordable.

When looking for a DJ to hire, considering the above factors should make things easier for you. Therefore, before settling for just anyone, consider the things mentioned above.

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