Are you a small business owner hoping to secure a TABC permits? Perhaps you own a gas station or even a restaurant that you would like to be able to serve alcoholic beverages in. Of course, the liquor licensing process will differ from state to state, but obtaining a liquor license costs between $300 and $14,000. It also takes up to 6 months to receive. For example, the application process all the way up to receiving the liquor license in New York totals a little over $4,500, while in California this will end up pulling $13,900 out of your wallet. Therefore, it is important to do some planning as well as saving before you begin the process of getting a liquor license for your business.

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Before you begin the liquor licensing process, you will want to figure out everything that is required for your state. Some states require a filing fee or a processing fee alongside the fee for the license itself. In Illinois, there is a $750 license fee, but if you are operating your small business in the city of Chicago, you will be required to pay nearly $5,000 more. It’s recommended that you visit your state’s ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) department in order to learn what is required of you as well as the availability of the liquor license in your area.

The type of license that you will need will depend on a few things, such as the type of alcohol that you plan to sell, or whether or not you will simply let customers bring their own alcohol into your establishment. Also, what type of establishment are you running? Is your small business a restaurant, gas station, hotel, or something else? Do you plan to sell on Sundays, or would you like to make alcoholic beverages available to your customers during late night hours? Do you plan to manufacture as well as sell? All of these factors will determine how much you end up paying to operate legally.

In some states, there is a limit to how many liquor licenses are distributed. If you are not able to purchase a brand new license in your state you may be able to buy one off of an existing business that is looking to sell. Of course, you must still go through an application process in this situation. To learn more, visit your state’s ABC department, as they will have all information you need for your specific small business goals.

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