A Georgian style conservatory features a rectangular or square symmetrical shape along with a flat-front or find out more here at Simply the Best. This type of conservatory is the ideal shape to lay out plants and furniture with minimal wasted space. This type of conservatory usually has a sloping and high style roof which offers a stunning vaulted effect. These conservatory types are flooded with light and make for an uplifting, airy and bright room.

The Georgian conservatories were first built onto the period homes during the 18th and the early part of the Image result for first Georgian conservatory styles19th centuries, and this style has gone on to be replicated in so many of the neo-Georgian homes since. The Georgian period that covered the era from 1714 up to 1830, was highly proportionate and symmetrical and is linked to roots of the fashionable works of a 16th century Venetian architect known as Andrea Palladio. You can trace the boldness and symmetry of the current Georgian conservatories back to the Palladian style.

The Georgian conservatory style also pulls its features from Roman and Greek architecture. These conservatories have recently increased in popularity and this type of conservatory are easy to add onto any building style. However, this grand style will work best with the existing Georgian architecture which is typified by white woodwork, red-brick houses along with white-stone cornices.

In the era of King Georges, the first Georgian conservatory styles features only a few windows because glass was very costly and also let in the cold. This is the main difference in the Georgian conservatories of today. With a lot of airy glass and light, the latest conservatories only feature echoes of the previous architecture like the style of the bricks which are used in the area of the base and the window frames.

Materials To Use When Building a Georgian Conservatory

It is the actual framework of your conservatory that will offer the overall visual appeal of this type of room. This means the materials you choose will have a significant influence.

Timber Or Wood

You have an extensive array of choices in softwood and hardwood products, you can even choose a product such as engineered wood. The hardwood conservatories are generally more expensive than the uPVC.


Mainly manufactured in white, uPVC is well-known for its durability, easy to maintain and it is lightweight. You won’t need to paint this material and it comes in a variety of finishes and colors.

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