Once you lose your hearing, it’s not coming back. That’s why you need to protect your hearing. Keep reading to learn more about how you can go about doing this.

First of all, use earplugs when you’re around loud noises. A Denver audiology specializes in hearing aids said roughly 15 percent of all Americans have hearing loss that was noise-induced due to loud environments, be it work or leisure.

Image result for Exercise is actually great for your earsSecondly, keep the volume low on things. The World Health Organization says that more than a billion people around the world are at high risk of hearing loss due to things like earbuds and headphones. The 60/60 rule is a great idea to follow, which is listening at 60 percent of volume for 60 minutes a day or less.

Third, let your ears have time to recover. If you spend time in noisy places like bars or concerts, then try to step out for a few minutes occasionally to get an audio break. If you have one loud night out, it takes 16 hours of quiet time for your ears to recover.

Don’t use cotton swabs like Q-tips to clean your ears out. Some wax isn’t just normal but crucial. It’s how the ears clean themselves out. Putting anything into your ear canal might damage your eardrum and other parts. It’s better to occasionally use an ear wax removal solution.

Watch your medications. Take them only as directed. Some medications, believe it or not, can occasionally contribute to a person’s hearing loss. NSAIDS, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are known to do this at times. Those include naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin.

Be active. Exercise is actually great for your ears. Cardio activities such as cycling, running and walking all get your blood pumping throughout your body. That includes the ears, which have a better chance to stay healthy and at a maximum level of functioning.

Swimming is great too, but do what you can to keep your ears dry, since prolonged wetness or moisture is a risk. Swimmer’s ear isn’t just annoying, but also a potential breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to infections of your ear and body.

Do your ears and yourself a favor. Protect your hearing. It will not only detract from how strong your relationships are and impact your quality of life, it’s also linked to other health issues like heart disease, dementia, and depression. Find a local provider to do something about it today.

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