Everyone have a kitchen. It’s fun to imagine cooking as a professional chef, but it is very hard work if you can handle it. There is much more to kitchen work than cooking.

A good deal of the professional restaurant or commercial kitchen deals with Image result for restaurant drains and plumbing problemsdisposing of uneaten food, and washing dishes. For those reasons alone, MTP Plumbing said the drain and plumbing needs at the professional level are high when compared to the home kitchen.

For one, while home kitchens often have a garbage disposal, did you know that not really much of anything is supposed to go down the drain? In particular, grease and cooking oil are to be poured into a separate container and disposed of far away from any water source.

While a little metal coffee can is a great grease container at home, it is too small for commercial needs. Instead, the big kitchens see a tremendous amount of grease go into their grease traps. The grease trap catches grease from dishes and food as they are rinsed off before being washed.

Because of the volume of food in professional kitchens, the grease is significant. The grease trap is emptied as a part of the normal operations of a working kitchen. The grease trap needs to be professionally cleaned out at least once a year, if not twice or more.

The key is to keep the grease out of the public water supply. Part of the impetus for this is to prevent fines from local authorities, such as the water treatment department.

It turns out that the main problem with grease in a drain is that it clogs up the drain. It is similar in that sense to arteries in the body. Image result for plumbing regulations in the USThey clog up from fat, and so do drains.

Keeping the drains clear is one easy way to prevent being fined and putting your business under the microscope of the local regulators. Another way to keep your restaurant or commercial kitchen in the clear of local regulators involves health and sanitation. A floor cleaning Middlesex County based company said, just a grease on the floor spilled may be a ground for questioning as well.

For one, kitchens need a mop, but it should be kept in another area. The mop sink should have its own drain in the floor, along with its own sink, and area to dry mops. That keeps the dirt and germs of the mop away from the food. It makes for a healthy and sanitary experience.

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