While certainly effective at their job, traditional pest control methods such as various forms of poison to potentially invading critters are also just as bad for the inhabitants of the house that are welcome. A worker at a termite control Santa Clara County based company whom I contacted for my Santa Clara County family house extermination said a lot of these materials are very unhealthy to breathe in, and that’s especially true if you have young children or beloved pets around. Anything that kills any uninvited creatures and leaves them lying around can also bring about a host of harmful and unsanitary conditions. You can deal with your pests the cheap, effective way if you really want to, but for your own health it’s best to opt for eco-friendly indoor pest control whenever possible.

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First of all, you need to do some research into whatever particular pest may be wreaking havoc. A lot of the time, the fastest route to dealing with a problem is through understanding what sort of smells either attract or repel them. For example, mice hate the smell of pure peppermint, so having some peppermint oil extract near any doors, windows, and in the corners of rooms will work as a natural deterrent.

On the other hand, if you suffer from an influx of gnats, you can use their attraction to apple cider vinegar to construct homemade traps with little more than a one dollar bottle of that very liquid and an old soda container. Just cut the container off at the top of the label and then place it upside down inside the remaining material. With your apple cider vinegar inside, your gnats will be drown down into the funnel and then unable to get back out. You can then dispose of the mess quite easily. There’s no need to use the horrible smelling, toxic insect killing spray at all.

Another great way to keep the pests away all together as read onĀ http://www.delseapestcontrol.net/ is homeowners must be vigilant for signs of a rodent infestation and make sure you take away anything they might be using as a food source, or simply make sure all of your doors and windows are air tight. The seals on doors and windows can wear down over time, allowing access for any bug that might find its way in your path. If your house isn’t particular tidy, you’re also providing quite a wonderland of sorts for any invading critters to make themselves at home in. Keep your food locked away in tightly sealed containers, take out your trash regularly, and keep your dishes clean. You’d be surprised at just how quickly the likes of gnats or other creepy crawlies start to diminish with proper housekeeping.

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