If your goal is to find an alternative way to clean your carpet, one that can do the job just as efficiently without dangerous chemicals or substantial amounts of water in which some of it was introduced to me by Spotless Cleaning Chicago, you are probably looking for a dry carpet cleaning extraction system. By eliminating potentially toxic chemicals that would be poured down a drain, or even into the ground where it can leach into the aquifers, you are doing your part to preserve the environment. Even better, when you are using certain dry carpet cleaning solutions, especially an extraction system, you can avoid using even green detergents in excess. Here is how you can choose one of the better dry carpet cleaning extraction systems that is available, and an overview of how they work.

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Cleaning With A Bonnet

Many people have seen people using a handheld device, often called a buffer, which rapidly spins a pad in one direction. The speed at which it spins makes it difficult to control it first, but once you find your center of balance, you can move it wherever you wanted to go. Typically used for polishing the upper layer of wax in areas like a gym, this can also be used on carpets. By using what is called an absorbent pad, and a small amount of cleanser, it can extract a significant amount of dirt from your carpet.

Dry-Cleaning With An Absorbent Compound

This solution is also very good, but it depends on the type of solvents and cleaning agents that are used if you are trying to go green. The chemicals will be spread out on the carpet with spinning brushes, allowing this to absorb into the carpet fibers. It only takes about 15 minutes and then it is simply vacuumed up, and 30 minutes later, it is usually completely dry. This is in stark contrast to using a wet solution, the kind that you typically rent out the supermarket. Not only are these less efficient, but the excessive amount of water that is used may damage the carpet over time, and it will definitely take longer to dry

Both of these methods are very good at cleaning carpets quickly and efficiently. If you are able to use cleaning solutions that are not harmful to the environment, you will have the perfect green carpet cleaning method. By using either of these, you are going to be helping preserve the aquifers in the area because you will not be pouring detergent mixed with gallons of water into drainpipes or onto the ground which can be toxic for generations in the future.

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